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About Us

Priority Shippers' Association was formed by the founders of CargoSavings, Inc. as an Illinois not for profit corporation operating as a shippers’ association. We provide our members with an innovative platform to improve both the service value and the price value they receive from transportation service providers. Our members leverage the Federal regulations allowing members of shippers’ associations to collectively pool their volumes to improve both the price and the service value they receive from carriers. Priority Shippers’ Association seeks to fully leverage this advantage to help our members create greater value from their domestic and international transportation programs. Our winning formula combines service, professional rate management technology powered by CargoSavings, Inc. and an innovative "cooperative procurement" platform that maximizes your potential. You get NEW technology and old school service! Please click on join tab to register for FREE; once you are a registered member you will be given the opportunity to benchmark your current program and receive additional service options provided by the Association.

Who is eligible?

Beneficial Cargo Owners are eligible to join, for free, by signing the Member Certificate and Agreement of Compliance and submitting this for approval.

Can I join for free?

Yes! There are no dues or annual membership fees. Operational costs and reserves of the Association are covered by assessments on each individual shipment.

Is Priority Shippers’ Association an NVOCC?

No. Priority Shippers’ Association is a not for profit shippers’ association. Our members are directly listed as affiliates to the contracts and the shipper of record on the bill of lading. You buy direct from carriers and save while also lowering your administrative costs!

Why join?

  • The Association allows you to buy direct, buy better, and get logistics results based on your priorities;
  • It is free to sign up and fast to implement;
  • Lower administrative costs;
  • You get better tools, choice, and lower costs compared to using NVOCC;
  • The association is a lower cost solution for small volume lanes and lower cost for managing “peak shipping” needs when you need to add carrier options that are easy to deploy and manage on an “ad hoc” basis.


What’s so special?

  • Priority service;
  • Space allocation;
  • Focus on using technology to improve service value in addition to price value based on your priorities;
  • Innovative rate management, auditing, and freight tender tools;
  • Spot rate management using proprietary technology that is more efficient and effective for our members and participating carriers;
  • The Association contracts list your company as an affiliate to allow you to buy direct and buy better logistics results based on your priorities;
  • The Association is a flexible solution that gives you the freedom to use any strategic mix of your carrier contracts and Association contracts while managing this mix on the same CargoSavings platform.
  • Managing your contract lanes and Association lanes in one platform allows you to scale your carrier network for “peak season” and implement other strategic initiatives while not adding administrative burdens;


Join - Become a Member

Please review the Terms and conditions and complete the application at the end of the document (Member Certificate and Agreement of Compliance). Please email Terms and Conditions here.

Our Take

Are you buying a commoditized ocean service? We hope the answer from a Priority Shippers’ Association member is that it depends on the product you choose. The reality is that the current market, most of the time, promises to deliver far greater service than what is actually delivered. Service that falls short of excellence is often justified by carriers and customers, because we all know it is 100% about the price anyway. Correct? Our take is that carriers have a significant book of current customers that behave as if they are buying a commoditized product. The net result of this trend is that asset based carriers focus much of their management and resources toward cost reduction programs even at the expense of innovation and improving service levels crafted for specific client needs. We see this in the move toward slow steaming, carriers not providing chassis, offshore customer service centers, and 18,000 TEU ships that are often far too large for the existing port and rail infrastructure to handle effectively. Why would anything other than price and availability matter? There are many reasons why price matters far less than we often think, but suffice it to say that when you need a special outcome for your special customer you care less about the price and more about the value. Priority Shippers’ Association works with carriers and our members to develop “priority” services that allow the carriers to offer “basic” and “priority” services. Our members and carriers realize better financial returns by crafting priority programs that give our members the best choice available anywhere. Finally, we have posted pictures on our main page from the early days of containerization. Please take a look at the vintage 1950’s and 1960’s cars and trucks parked right next to the ship; the containers mounted on chassis dockside. We have even posted one of the famous Sea-Land SL-7 fast ships that set speed records running at 33 knots across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. This industry has changed a lot as you think about the huge size of the ships, slow steaming, and the scale of the operations. This effort has revolutionized the world and while the scale is now massive the carriers still must deliver value by loading one container at a time. Priority Shippers’ hopes to continue that pioneering effort by helping carriers and members use technology to improve service value in addition to price value and do so based on maximizing your priorities.